Berlin in June


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  1. Anonymous on

    Reply seems soo cold in berlin… romania is sooo hot….wierd times….but….she looks nice:)

  2. Anonymous on


    very nice!

  3. Romeika on


    It looks great on her, but seems like the weather in Berlin is as crappy as DK’s weather:-S Summer?

  4. Secret Chicken on


    I like the zipper on the ankle.

    I walk up and down Neue Schoenhauser str almost every day and it’s a wonder I’ve never seen you guys.

  5. Secret Chicken on


    oh yes by the way, the weather is total crap right now in Berlin.

  6. Cassinna on


    i like it a lot… the bracelette gives it a lot of charm. nice touch. but isn’t it too hot for this outfit?

  7. mareike on


    perfect ……just when it is my birthday ! 
    and now just to destroy the mistery : the photo was taken like 2 months ago , and it was a quite hot day .
    that’s it !

  8. StilinBerlin on


    @ secret chicken:
    About this zipper. I also thought that it is a nice little detail and guess what: I think she is wearing a kind of catsuite from the Madonna collection from H&M. Check the “M” on it’s side. :D

  9. Anonymous on


    awww what brand is her coat?? i love it , it fit her sooooo well!!

  10. Candid Cool on


    Wow! she is amazing. I like the little M detail on her ankle and the “nerd” watch too. But really the details are beautiful

  11. Juliet on


    oh , that looks so nice, makes me want to copy her !
    Maybe the M means M by Madonna?

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