Bringing the summer back! 2007-07-08

Noel, 42, photographer from France, met in Wrangelstraße
Anna, 26, animator, met in Görlitzer Park


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  1. Sophie on


    Great blog!

    What’s the streets name with Noel the photographer?

    Sophie from Sweden

  2. stilinberlin on


    Hi Sophie,

    thanks :-) I added the places, where I met the people and linked them to the google map


  3. Kata & Milena on


    Anna looks so lovely with all these turquoise ^^

  4. Michelle on


    Anna’s dress is awesome!

  5. esquise on


    Love Noel shorts. Cool…!

  6. Secret Chicken on


    Anna is so cool and I love the matching hair. But when she changes outfits, does she also have to change her hair color?

  7. Antitrust on


    That would be funny, but quite difficult and tiring…

  8. dianabobar on


    love the blue green-ish color!

  9. jihyuck on


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  10. The Happy Hippie on


    the floral shorts and teal shoes are rad. :] neat-o.

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