Final Presentation Esmod & Henrik Vibskov Stock Sale, 2007-07-11

Gunnar, 38, working for Nike

Selma, 31, student at Esmod

Suri, 21, student, holding Henrik Vibskov

Malin, 27, working at agentur v, wearing Henrik Vibskov

Jan, De-Bug

No more pics, sorry, too much rain…
For pics of the Esmod show please visit Pudri


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  1. Juli on


    Jan, De-Bug: very cool Mix of chique Knickerbocker and Rap-Cap. Big up!

  2. Fred Vielcanet on


    Nice looks as always on Stil in Berlin
    More for the girls than the boys I would say.
    Nice day !

    Fred (Easyfashion)

  3. Candid Cool on


    Everybody looks great.

    1. Nice Nikes, I also like the slim cut of the pants.
    2. She’s just amazing really
    3. She’s nerdy-librarian cute
    4. Natural beauty pretty. I like the mix of black & blue too.

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