Men in Shorts, 2007-07-15, 16, 18

Norman, 26, social scientist

Marcel Ostertag, 27, fashion designer


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  1. f&art on


    no. 2 looks superbe!!!

  2. Candid Cool on


    They are all working the above the knee shorts. And the 1st guy is just plain adorable.(And the 2nd guy too for that matter) I’m really digging the half tucked checked shirt.

  3. Antitrust on


    The 2nd one is very cute! Oh, sorry, I should probably be talking about clothes. OK, so the second one has great clothes! Better now, right?

  4. Anonymous on


    Ich bin nicht von Berlin! Sowieso denke ich, daß es übermäßig interessant ist! Die kurze kurze mens Tendenz. Wie? Ist sie soviel von einem?

  5. Nai on


    the first two pics they look so effortless chic!!!

    Can`t wait for summertime around here to see the guys wearing shorts.
    definetely hot!

  6. laurel on


    I love the guy with the silver bag…yum! And those shoes!!

  7. Anonymous on


    no 2 = high street fashion!!!
    das hemd sitzt großartig, und selten scheinen sich mitteleuropäische männer an wirklich kurze! hosen heranzutrauen.

  8. 415 California on


    # 1 (check shirt) and #3 and tight shorts match better on me.

    # 2 needs brown loafers and hide the belt with the untucked look. He can really work it with a light weight sweather (with arms pushed up) — the color hot pink like fuscia…

  9. Anonymous on


    # 2 will you marry me? please!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jürgen on


    Shorts? OK, but I prefer skirts, also for men!

  11. Anonymous on


    all adorable but #2 sexy outfit. i wish my husband dressed like that! :(

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