Final Presentation Lette Foundation, 2007-07-06

We have been taking a look at the fashion from the Lette Foundation. At this event this year’s alumni were given the chance to present their work.
It’s the first fashion show where we took photos, so we’re still figuring out how to make good pics here. Hope you like it though.

“Zarentöchter” designed by Mona-Isabelle Schröter

“5 o’clock tea” designed by Karina Kaliwoda

“Fishing for Compliments” designed by Martha Zybon

“That’s why the Lady is a Punk” designed by Sascha Thomsen

“Der Mann der vom Himmel fiel” designed by Rebekka Braun

“City Hunting” designed by Dorothee Borck, Tiziana Belestrieri, Karina Kaliwoda


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