1st time at Bergmannstr, 2007-08-07

Camille, 18, student from the UK

(Tamika) Jones, 20, musician

Nathaniel, 23, student from Denmark

Sophie, 29, photographer (and her son)

Géraldine, 19, student from Genève

choice by Malte from Spreeblick.

What do you think, is the Bergmannstraße, famous for it’s bars and cafés, formerly recommended as THE place to go, worth another trip?


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  1. Anonymous on


    i don’t think so…the boy is too artificial, the rest looks boring.

  2. Anonymous on


    bergmannstr is boring. graefekiez is the place to be!

  3. E on


    Oh, Géraldine!

  4. Anonymous on


    i like the last dress.

  5. Anonymous on


    I live in Kreuzberg (Graefekiez) and wouldn’t trade it for anything, but sometimes I’ll go 3 weeks without seeing an attractive human being, let alone a stylish one.

  6. Jessie on


    I like the last girl!
    she´s dressed in a simple but comfortable way..

  7. Candid Cool on


    The 1st photograph is stunning, the pink dress, her reddish hair, the beautiful emerald green door…

    and the young man in the suit, just because it’s nice to see a young man in the suit

  8. eurobrat on


    I like Nathaniel. But then he is from Denmark, so I’m biased…

  9. Anonymous on


    i like the first and last girl.

  10. shooky on


    Completely. And I also recommend the Austria restaurant which certainly worth a visit for their stunning super-sized schnitzel.

  11. azadeh on


    I really like your site. But i have a comment to the picture of the guy you call Nathaniel 23 student,this guy is my boyfried,and his name is Martin Hauberg-lund a philosophy student from denmark,and he is 21,20 on this picture:) just so you know,i dont know if you can change it?
    Best Azadeh from denmark

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