M’era Luna, 2007-08-12

Liddy, 37, from the Netherlands

Anna, 20, from Hamburg, student

Iriane, 32, from Hamburg, student

Mariella, 17, from the Netherlands, student

Mischa, 20, from Hanau, member of Typus

Heidi, 20, from Mainz, student

Julia, 18, from Augsburg, student

Anita, 25, student

Ligia, 28, from Bielefeld, student


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  1. Vicky on


    Congratulations really nice pictures. What about spending a W-E in Paris sponsorized by a French luxury brand C….L???StilinBerlin could explore the style of Paris!

  2. Anonymous on


    total BLEEEEEEEEEE:(

  3. Anonymous on




  4. Juli on


    WOW. super interesting – and good contrast to the other posts.
    I never went to an event of these people. Where do they hide?
    thanks for the impression.

  5. Anonymous on


    Remembers me a Party from Tokyo Decadence ….

    Not too much into this style though.

  6. Evelyn on


    SEHR SCHÖN! Was war das für ein Event??

  7. Anonymous on


    nice, alternative styles can be pretty too and they look happy

  8. Vanessa on


    Das war das M’era Luna in Hildesheim. Quasi direkt bei mir vor der Haustür (bzw. bei meinen Eltern, schließlich bin ich hier nur noch zu Besuch).

    Findet im Übrigen jedes Jahr statt, da wird Hildesheim dann immer ein bisschen schwärzer.

  9. meine heiligkeit dido on


    zu hübsch. hoffte einen moment lang, die liefen hier in reichweite herum…

  10. laimikis: vilnius street people on


    Really impressive! one of the favourite posts in this blog.

    we have put stile in Berlin in our street style list. could we exchange links?

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