Zurich, on the street, 2007-08-26

Bruna, 25, book antiquary

Caroline, 33, student (neuropsychology)

Play, photographer & stylehunter


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  1. mahret on


    Oh das erste Shirt dress ist super. Das habe ich auch ;-)

  2. Arsheen on


    ooh zurich looks like a cool place, great photos

  3. valentina on


    Hi, can somebody suggest me some good club in Berlin? i will be in town from september 14th til tuesday 18th. I like elctro music and a friend told me about Berghain. I have not so much time and i would like to skip turistic and commercial places. Thanks!!

  4. laurel nyc on


    I love the first pic…great outfit + background!

  5. L. on


    Three great looks. The white is so chic, the middle is just an amazing print and the last look is so sassy. I’m also amazed about how young everyone looks. Must be something in the air?

  6. FleurDeCherisier on


    das erste is wunderschön…wo bekommt man das denn?

  7. Anonymous on


    “Don’t get get into book antiquary – you might not be able to afford any pants”, some people might say. But I love it!!!!!

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