Alte Schoenhauser Strasse: Iris

Iris, 27, Creative Director at American Apparel, from LA
> American Apparel (soon to be in stores) cardigan and vintage sunglasses
> H&M Jeans
> vintage shirt, shoes and bag


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  1. Waverly on


    the slouchy bag and the cardigan look great together. can’t wait until that comes out in the stores.

  2. Candid Cool on


    wow! very classic.

  3. Magda on


    Love the shoes.

  4. Anonymous on


    YESSSSSSS! Now we’re talking. THIS is style. = D I was starting wondering if it was even possible for a ordinary, kinda office-girl to have such style. But, then again.. didn’t suprise me she was in charge of something as

  5. BonnBonn on


    einfach klasse. super look.

  6. Anonymous on


    She does look nice but there’s nothing spectacular in her.. That’s what we wear everyday, isn’t it! The thing that might make her different is that she really seems to be “herself” – whatever that means – in that outfit. In general, I think that the comments here are not particularly great – to say that “me-like-it” is not that intelligent…

  7. Lyrical on


    I have to say that you do carry a sleek sexy demeanor to yourself :)
    I love the way you sway with your bag, it really is delighting to see that women today still carry the modern fashion and the way you lean in the pic, every woman should depict the same movements in their sway of an every day walk :)

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