Kastanienallee: Sanna / DJ La Fleur

Sanna, 27, DJ, producer & pharmacist, from Sweden (of course.)
> Dagmar coat
> Rizzo shoes


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  1. Anonymous on


    Why of course?

  2. stilinberlin on


    because we picture many people from sweden in the last weeks

  3. Mer on


    Ohhh I love that Dagmar coat!! I start to think House of Dagmar is my favorite brand…Sie sieht so hübsch aus! Cheers!

  4. altamiranyc on


    This coat rocks. Swedish people have some really great style that is for sure.

  5. Klaus on


    I could fall in love again ;-)

  6. Matthew on


    YES! YES! YES! Dj, Producer, and pharmacist. 3 things that I’m currently studying/practicing to become. Good to know there are others out there with the same interests. You look stunning by the way. Big ups from Oregon! ;)

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