Penkov Store Opening

Alina, 23, assistant to Bernadette Penkov

> H&M coat
> vintage shirt, shoes and necklace
> hat from London

Bernadette Penkov, 32

> Penkov clothing
> Zara shoes

Mira, 24, student (fashion journalism)

> vintage clutch and hat (from Canada, bought in the 1970ies by her boyfriends father)
> Mango Jacket
> boyfriends skarf


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  1. bmcd22 on


    I love your blog, you have such an eye for style. Check out my Chicago suburbs Street style blog at

  2. mahret on


    Hihi Bernadette trägt die Jacke, die ich gerne gekauft hätte…

  3. Anonymous on


    i love mira´s eyes and the fact that it´s nearly the same colour like the scarf.

  4. Laura on


    i think Mira has a great personak style…she’s simple but glamourous and i like the colours she picked up!

  5. Liv on


    Ohhhh, die Mütze ist so wunderbar und steht Mira einfach ausgezeichnet!

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