Picknick, 2007-10-20


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  1. Anonymous on


    this is really cool. Feels like LA at the beginning of this decade…I LOVE it.

  2. Anonymous on


    number 3 is great.

  3. Fenke on


    the label winter + the heading picknick make me go ”uhhh….kalt’ when i look at the second picture;-)

  4. The Clothes Horse on


    lovely, lovely skirts and dress and tights, oh my!

  5. Anonymous on


    man being weird just for the sake of being weird…
    the aesthetics of uglyness…
    basically the challenge is to find the 2 or more pieces of cothing, which don’t fit together at all…
    main thing is to draw attention rather than to express oneself…
    or maybe it’s just people gettin sick of subcultures and their “uniforms”…

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