Best Shop Countdown Round 2, 2007-11-02

Benjamin Klunker, 28, gallery owner & fashion designer (Julia and Ben)
wearing Julia and Ben

Daniel, 23, sound engineer, wearing all 2nd hand

Boris, 24, photographer


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  1. The Clothes Horse on


    Stylish men are so awesome. Where be all the stylish boys in my area?

  2. Lluviaschick on


    i really really like their coats… very stylish

  3. Candid Cool on


    Cool jackets, especially the last one

  4. Anonymous on


    hello, sorry for my english, i can see the links of diferents cities, in my opinion Madrid is a fashion city with the pasarela cibeles, and I saw a blog o fashion of madrid and barcelona.
    I can said the link of this blog?please.
    the direction is and the blog called COLL PEOPLE. madrid and barcelona.
    you can see the blog and after you can add on to your list. Thank you for you attention and congratulations for your blog, is´t very interesting. TANK YOU


  5. Mer on


    Really cool jackets, love all of them

  6. 77 on


    hey hey Daniel should also be a model….
    hoe gaat het met jullie 2 ???

    anyway: Joor is doing what he loves the best, having his own agency:

    sometimes dreams are worth to come true
    groetjes uit Utrecht,
    Armando Branco & Joor

  7. dining room sets on


    The models are good. They bring out the true beauty of those outfits. The outfits are unusual but very fashionable. Thank you for sharing this post.

  8. Dining Tables on


    Are they models for there suits? They look stunning!

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