Modular at Cookies, 2007-10-27

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  1. Anonymous on


    Nothing special – no real “style” to be seen. Why does one have to wear something completely horrendous to “be stylish”? Is this a problem young designers have brought up? Style is something unpretentious – cannot really find that authencity in these pictures.

  2. David-Alexandre on


    I disagree.
    Style can be fun and I salute all of these people for having fun with what they wear! It doesnt have to be so serious.

    And honestly what does “authenticity” mean anyway? I don’t think you can judge other people’s authenticity. As long as they are comfortable with themselves and what they wear… That’s authentic to me.

  3. Anonymous on


    Good that someone has a (real) opinion! Disagree or agree – I do not really care as long as there is some discussion here, so unintelligent the comments have so far been! Fashion and style definitely deserve something better than simple exclamations such as “cool” or “gorgeous”!

    And authencity, that is something real and even painful. It is not fun it’s true.

  4. Fenke on


    well, i know what you man by ‘completely horrendous’ … during my studies the fashion design students seemed having the same goal: as long as you dress up ‘ugly’ (just throw something together) you look cool. well at least they looked different.
    on the other hand i stil think that some of these pictures are an inspiration to some point, since i do think fashion is fun and it can also be fun to look like a clown:-) and it can say something about your style or you as a person.

  5. Anonymous on


    Yes, maybe I am a little too serious with this – after all, clothes are always only the surface. Should they reflect the inner self, that is a very complicated question. However, I would at least like to believe they should…

    Perhaps I have just grown bored with this “ugly-as-fashion” -idea. What is so wrong with wanting to reach harmony and completion? Why do we always need discords?

  6. Fenke on


    well maybe it is not only about wanting discords but looking for tensions in order to “create” something new. and on the way to create something new you can alway make ‘mistakes’ – well, as long as it leads to something, it is actually no real mistake.

  7. E on


    Bear in mind that the outfits commented here were worn at a party and thus made to be worn at parties. The “harmony” and “completion” that anonymous is asking for often tend not to be perceptible at badly lit venues, with loud music and drunk people.

  8. Fred The Mole on


    Waoow nice girls
    like particularly the hair cut of the first one


  9. Anonymous on


    love berlin streetstyle

  10. Rob on


    Everyone wants to bring you down, but they actually can’t if you don’t let them. It is pointless to think what others think, because, honestly, your taste and what suits you is not going to change based on someone else’s opinion. Also, I think people, who are comfortable with what they wear, look more beautiful.

    The people in these photographs look great. Sorry if everyone doesn’t fit into your perfect little box.

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