Picknick, 2007-11-03


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  1. mode de vie on


    this blog is useful!

  2. Anonymous on


    To be precise – in exactly what ways “useful”?

    God I loathe these “so nice” – “extraordinary” – “how lovely” -comments… Are we still in kindergarden? Is that all we can say? The answer cannot be “yes”…

  3. Herr Schmitz on


    well, here’s one comment. this blog is actually pretty much beautiful. and if i would do it, i would appreciae to hear it. actually. but hey, freedom of dingens.

    well, however, i keep asking myself why i never see you in picknick. is it cause i always have to much wodka red bull? i’ll try and figure that out.

    other than that, you peeps seem to absolutely forget about that. ;) hihi

    anyway, cheers from kreuzberg, schmitzi

  4. Anonymous on


    I think it’s sad, that you don’t post Streetstyle at the moment. Only photos from partys etc.

  5. Anonymous on


    Boring postmodern style… Yawn…

  6. stilinberlin on


    dear schmitzi,

    thank you :-) Didn’t recognize you either…

    ps: we (and t&b) do know about that ;-)

    dear anonymous #2,

    it’s getting dark at 5pm at the moment, kind of hard to take daylight pics when having full time studies and jobs to do. but we’re trying!

  7. Anne Corrons on


    Nice colored tights! I have purple ones and I love them!

  8. Anonymous on


    I am so very sorry if I have hurt someone’s feelings! I do like this site a lot myself – why else would I comment on anything here?

    I just wish the discussion would be at least a little more multi-dimensional. Otherwise we are exactly what is expected from fashion and style – that is vanity and stupidity at worst.

    Plus, I would love to attend all the gorgeous, lovely and tremendous parties in Berlin – if only I lived anywhere near and had an invitation – somethin which seems impossible at the moment!

    Bloody hell, I am courageous! But the “anonymous” status does help!

  9. Anonymous on


    dont like the current “look at me! look at me! i am exceptional!!!”-style in berlin…none of them looks easy or elegant…

  10. ång∑¬ on


    I am loving your blog, pure art!

  11. Anonymous on


    Last time i came to berlin we went to pibnick and when i come back i was hoping to go again but how often is it?

  12. stilinberlin on


    every saturday – you can check the dates on their myspace

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