Swedish Twins

Daniel, 25, grahic designer & Andreas, 25, graphic designer, both from Stockholm


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  1. Candid Cool on


    look at them, they both look great

  2. Sue on


    have you ever recognized that all stylish people come from scandinavia? jeg elsker nordland

  3. koula on


    as boring as their country. head south people. after all these years in cold and darkness you should have figured it out.

  4. Anonymous on


    have you been to california vintage yet? do you like it?
    i love your blog!

  5. Mine on


    Swedish= gorgeous!But..
    Eine Frage(ab jetzt ausnahmsweise auf deutsch^^):
    Ich bin über Silvester in Berlin und würde gerne ein paar(viele) Lädchen kennen, in die es sich lohnt, zu gehen.
    Vintage wäre zum Beispiel Neuland für mich.Ich höre immer nur wie toll Second-Hand-Läden sein können aber wo die richtigen sind,weiß ich nicht.
    Ich hoffe du/ihr kannst mir weiterhelfen.
    Du/Ihr könnt mir gerne per PM antworten, die E-Mail-Adresse ist in meinem Blog vermerkt.
    Danke im Voraus.

  6. MEO on


    Similar but different style … Minimal and beautiful

  7. Suzan - suzage.wordpress.com on


    Hmmm, this is interesting. Googlereader advised me this blog. And I reall dig it. So into my feed you go!
    I visited Berlin for the first time this Summer and loved the variety the city has to offer.
    This blog reminds me a bit of The Satorialist, but then a bit more outreagous. Really good stuff here :) Inspirationa!

  8. Izar on


    You’re doing a great job here, it was only natural that I would mention you guys in my post. :-)

    Keep up the excellent work!

  9. Anonymous on


    hahaha kind of reminds me of Viktor&Rolf

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