Underground Fur, 2007-11-22

Gudrun, 50, appointee at Federal Foreign Office

Yes, it’s fur. The coat is 20 years old and still looks very shiny and new. Of course fur is bad, bad, bad, but it looks astonishing. Shoes are from Gabor.
And sorry for bad quality pic. Still brushing on how to take underground photos.


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  1. Anonymous on


    I have at times been faced with the decision whether or not to buy vintage fur in charity shops and always decided not to.
    Indeed fur is bad. but the, if its old fur… I mean, to throw it away would be a shame, wouldnt it. Just because of wanting to be ethical etc.

  2. snicers on


    it doesn’t depand if the fur is astonishing or not it is still fur and animals had to die for this, not for eating just for pure leisure and luxurious waste. Do not just say “bad, bad, bad” put the picture offline and tell the people not to wear it. thats better than using double morals and ethics.

  3. Anonymous on


    snicers you`re so damn right!!!

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