Arkitip: HighMath Opening at Pool Gallery

Rike, 29, pr agent

Johanna, 27, producer


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  1. Fred The Mole on


    I don’t like to much the sneakers with this outfit …Fred the Mole

  2. Fred The Mole on


    Maybe Rike forget a Belt (large)to finalize her look …Fred the Mole

  3. Hey Hey Main Main on


    PLease some other pics of the events!I Love Berlin and do really like your work too!

  4. Anonymous on


    ohhhh, I LOVE Rike’s pants. MUST HAVE. Does anyone know the label? Or any label that do similar pants for that matter? Much appreciated!

  5. Anonymous on


    könnt ihr mir sagen woher johanna die jacke hat, die sieht schaut wirklich sehr gut aus.Und über die sneakers könnt man sicher streiten, aber letzendlich gefällts doch!

  6. reneemudd on


    I wish I could pull off that pant!

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