Mauerpark: Bobby from Amsterdam


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  1. micha on


    i dont see anything fashionable in this guy. his dogs leash is pretty though.

  2. lady coveted on


    i think he’s hot.
    (don’t tell my bf)

  3. Lubna on


    Hola! I have a blog of fashion- street-vision. Sorry from my english! I’am from Argentine
    I like very much this blog!
    my blog:


  4. Emma on


    That dog is fantastic

  5. February Beauty on


    OMG, Jeans! Ewwwwww

  6. ashley sue on


    wonderful sweater and WONDERFUL dog (I used to have a shar pei, so I am a bit biased)

  7. Bobby D. on


    Hey you guys,

    Just saw your comments about me..

    Thanks for some of them and for the others, what is fashionable? :)

    Have to admit I was just enjoying the sun with my dog and somebody wanna to make a picture of me…

    I felt pretty comfortable in my clothes and yes ofcourse I could look better :) but what to expect :) Everyday is not a catwalk for me, although I love to look at people, who knows how to look good…

    This day wasn’t my day (talking about fashionable), but who cares :)

    I had a great day! :)

  8. mariah on


    dubi dam dam dadibi dibi dam
    der is von der ultimativen teenie band BANAROO!
    geil :)

  9. alexandra on


    OmG !! this dog have the StYlE !!!

  10. Happy on


    You’re hot, bobby. That casual “don’t care” look is very down-to-earth. That said, the dog is definately the best accessory.

  11. Anonymous on


    Thanks Happy,

    That’s a sweet compliment… :)

    My dog is not only the best accessory, but also a the best friend people can wish for..

    Wish you a nice weekend! :)


  12. Bengi on


    Haha, I just realized something that made me laugh: Can this be, is this the Bobby of Banaroo? I just found my old CD’s :DD

  13. Mary on


    Never heard of them, to be honest – but yes, he is.

  14. Anonymous on


    Yes me, a loooong time ago! ;) Same with Banarooo looong time ago! ;) x

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