Neo Utopia Book Launch at WoodWood: Kat

Kat, 26, pr agent


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  1. kathrynsky on


    ui, wow, die Jacke von Kat ist toll!!!!Du bist in der neuen Maxi bei einem Artikel zum sartorialist aufgeführt.. schon gesehen??? :-)

  2. Romy on


    It’s not a common look. I hope her PR clients like it…

  3. Freek van der Bilt on


    Cool pictures. I like the brown haired girl´s´haircut. And she has a nice smile!My name is Freek van der Bilt and i have an ART- BLOG with my paintings on it and I was wondering if you would be able to put up a link to my blog and I will put one up for your blog. Check it out: Thanks!FREEK VAN DER BILT

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