Weinmeisterstraße: Henri

Henri, 29, musician

tata christiane pants and jacket (black one),
vintage coat, legwarmers and shoes


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  1. Anonymous on


    i think berlin is the most stylish city in the world! im lovin itfrom argentina, Iñaki

  2. anchett on


    oh he’s really sweet. like the coat. and the socks :))liebste grüße aus bochum

  3. Astrid on


    Aber die Stulpen trägt man auch in Essen. :)

  4. kelly anne on


    i’m loving the leg warmers peaking out from beneath his pants! who said leg warmers have gone out of style since the 80’s are sooo wrong :Dcheck out my site in http://www.germany.com

  5. la femme on


    yes please :)cool chico.

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