Mauerpark: Katie

Katie, 23, actress from London

Ted Baker sunglasses,
ASDA cardigan,
skirt & socks from flea market,
charity shop bag,
Office shoes


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  1. Romy on


    I love the long socks. it gives a very sexy look.

  2. WendyB on



  3. styledigger on


    I love her hair style! It’s a great outfit, I like socks and this cute skirt. And Nina from previous post looks just gorgeous! I added your streetfashion blog to my links, I hope you don’t mind, do you? I’m from Poland, but my Grandma lives in Germany, so I’m also a German a little bit:) Best wishes!

  4. Ediot on


    i borrowed this pic. but added you as the source- really like the outfit a lot. take care. thanks for being a great inspirational source!

  5. stylebayarea on


    Love the glasses and the hair. Everything just works really well together, it’s a great picture. Please, check out, it’s a great site and I think you’d like it!

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