Münzstraße: Antje

Antje, 36, graphic designer

H&M shirt,
2nd hand pants,
Zara shoes


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  1. agata on


    i’m desperately hunting for this kind of baggy 2ndhand pants here in warsaw. and i like the new look of your site, neat. keep going and see you in berlin, hopefully very soon.

  2. Saigonese Wanderer on


    she structures her outfit like a small cute piece of blueish graphic design. lovely!

  3. love aesthetics on


    Tha pants are great! the fabric with the elastic, veery nice… Im planning to go to berlin soon, im sooo much looking forward to it!

  4. Anonymous on


    why so seldom new photos? does berlin not have fashionable people? this is a BLOG, for heaven’s sake

  5. stilinberlin on


    sorry for not being able to spend more time on this absolutely unpaid, but heavily time consuming hobby

  6. Julia on


    how is this “heavily time consuming”?? sorry, but about every human on earth manages to snap at least one picture a day and upload it. if you guys don´t feel like it, it´s ok, but if you have any interest in being taken seriously you shouldn´t complain and just POST.

  7. la femme on


    I love the blue tiles behind her.

  8. stilinberlin on


    dear julia,why so rude? we don’t complain, we just answer. to take a picture for stil in berlin is quite time consuming, that’s how it is. and the seriousity of this project doesn’t depend on the frequency of posts but on the quality of the selection and pictures. at least that’s our opinion.

  9. Anonymous on


    just remember, folks:quality before quantity.anyone can go out on the street and snap away at all the strange people running about, but: i’d rather see one pic of a really interesting person a month than 5 somehow peculiar guys every day (not that you don’t get to see them anyway.. outside, you know…)you guys rock, stick to your own pace, it’s fine.



    laßt euch nicht ärgern, weiter so. grüße aus münchen

  11. Angie hearts on


    woohoo~ bubble pants~ fun!

  12. Anonymous on


    stick to your own pace,,some people who post on your blog apparently have too much time on their hands. I love seeing whats going on in berlin. Thanks love Jamieee xhttp://www.artreview.com/profile/JamieeeBall

  13. kinfook on


    the whole outfit just scream “summer is here!”.

  14. Did You Know? on


    very nice blog… Keep up the good work! God Bless!

  15. Anonymous on


    NICE PHOTOS. MAKE SOME MORE! (even if they are not all that perfect…)

  16. Romy on


    nice pants. I like the colors.

  17. Antitrust on


    She’s just lovely! And that comes from a person who doesn’t really like blue.

  18. eng-in on


    Nice foto!

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