Münzstraße: Kersti

Kersti, 21, student

Vintage sunglasses,
Hope cardigan,
Acne shirt & trousers,
LD Tuttle shoes


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  1. Jagucha on


    somply shapes, great colours!very classy! I love it!

  2. Miss Muffin of Doom on


    This makes her look so old! She looks 10 years older at least!Don’t like this look.

  3. Mai on


    lovely! i like the high collar buttoned. i’m fashioni.st from san francisco and i think we were both in the arles festival? i’m actually in berlin, now and thought wouldn’t it be nice to meet up with those nice folks from stil in berlin? i’m here until october 26, so if you have time, my email is mai@fashioni.st. thanks.

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