StilinBerlin on DW Clipmania

Last April we shot 6 hours for a 4 minutes clip for Deutsche Welle Clipmania. It was on air on Sept 6th.


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  1. Mer on


    Great!! congrats!!

  2. Dianed on


    Waouh! That’s so great ! Bravo BRAVO! : in Paris, you are a real icon for so many bloggers! So congrats!

  3. Anonymous on


    good stuff. glad you’re making the news. this is most definitely one of my favourite blogs. keep it up!

  4. sarah* on


    WOW! ich gratuliere!

  5. DARRYL on


    i love the accent they gave to the man in the suit

  6. OnTheCorner on


    this video just make me note that we share a very similar speech for approaching people on the streets..congratulations!:)

  7. OnTheCorner on


    hey mary & benhow are you? i just saw the video cause javi was talking me about it, and it´s true we have a very similar way to work, love your work as always!and congratulations for the video!loves from argentina!flor.

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