Darryl Natale for SiB – Kottbusser Tor

Ulrik & Siv from Oslo

Custom made hat,
Shopgirl scarf,
Bertoni jacket,
Nudie jeans,
Leather Man gloves,
Lille Vinkel Sko boots

Shopgirl scarf,
Vintage coat & purse,
Bianco shoes,

To offer more portraits of outstanding style from Berlin’s frozen streets, StilinBerlin is joining forces with Darryl Natale, master of ceremony on StreetClash. Darryl will from now on showcase his finest selection on StilinBerlin.


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  1. Deborah on


    I’m lovin’ how they work the black.

  2. watzlav on


    looks great, but… how about a less aggressive purple?

  3. Style Gourmand on


    I love how they’ve mixed pieces from different decades to create their own looks. It makes it hard to label them or put them into a specific category- although I definitely get the 70s glamrock vibe from the guy

  4. Jen on


    his hather fur collarthe best things about this lookare the colors

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