Darryl Natale for SiB – Steinstraße

Charlie, shop attendant

Vintage cap, shoes, and scarf
Theo glasses
Ann Demeulemeester jacket
Comme des Garçons skirt
Custom-made bag


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  1. zana bayne on


    Charlie is incredible!!

  2. Deborah on


    I really am liking the skirt trend that guys are doing right now. Love the gender-bending!

  3. sp2kn on


    thanx for this post !

  4. Rene Schaller on


    der hat sich halt wirklich mühe gegeben, und leider sieht mans ihm auch an. und wie unentspannt er drein schaut… mode ist wirklich auch harte arbeit!

  5. Antwerp Fashion Observer on


    Nice bag ! the way it just hangs there, nicethe strap looks like 2 belts put together ? =)

  6. sommerset on


    Nice site you have here..Thanks for the info..I’ll use this a lot

  7. kai on


    ha, charlie. so his style. don’t even know whether he’s got any colour in his wardrobe. anyway, check out his band since they are just awesome; he’s the singer: http://www.myspace.com/bandlongwalkhome

  8. Lee on


    WOW! Love it!!!

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