Darryl Natale for SiB – Münzstraße

Dannika, 23, design assistant for Macqua

Vintage jacket and cut-off shorts
Macqua cardigan and t-shirt
American Apparel tights
Vans shoes
Oroton purse
Self-made necklaces


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  1. Antwerp Fashion Observer on


    Nice necklaces, I love people who make their own clothes/accessories !I have the exact same shoes btw, nice job !

  2. Blogger Design on


    Nice fit out, and yeah should agree with Antwerp Fashion Observer, nice necklace :)

  3. UberOriginal on


    Her shorts are killer! xx

  4. DON'T SWEAT IT on


    love the baggy look as well as the black and denim. winner look.

  5. Andreas on


    Yeah Girl!

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