Darryl Natale reporting from Paris

Michael, 19, Model from Moldova (outside Kazuyuki Kumagai)

Self-made jacket, bag, and sweater
Levi’s jeans
Carlo Pazolini shoes


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  1. Anonymous on


    boy or girl? either way, super hot.

  2. N.MI on


    i love the fact that he has long hair and also that he makes his stuff himself, i do the same :Di fell for the style.

  3. Deborah on


    I’m really digging this look it’s kind of rock and roll

  4. Jess on


    I saw this guy on the metro! He was stunning – really tall and lanky and amazing hair. And I kept wondering where he found that jacket!

  5. Anonymous on


    i love the shoes! and the guy is very sexy two. ;]

  6. liebchen on


    beautiful ! xx

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