Darryl Natale reporting from Paris

Marcelo, 32, Senior Fashion Editor for Rodeo Magazine from Patagonia, Argentina

Original Patagonian poncho and hat
Alexander McQueen jacket
Givenchy shirt
April 77 jeans
Yves Saint Laurent shoes
Jil Sander belt


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  1. Journal D'un Shopper on


    This year, the poncho come back. I love this one and the jeans

  2. Anonymous on


    love it, its like he’s 1/2 jewish intellect 1/2 guatemalen peasant

  3. Anonymous on


    It’s totally Argentine!!!, Good representation of our style and sophistication!!

  4. Laura Alvarez on


    I’m sitting next to my love in sunny Venice Beach looking to see if Patagonia makes a poncho because it rained yesterday and lo and behold we found your blog. It’s pretty adorable. Please check out mine. It might be a hoot… http://www.clothesstories.wordpress.com

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