Berlin Fashion Week

Paul Boche, 21, Model (Outside Marcel Ostertag)

Vintage pilot jacket
Ann Demeulemeester shirt and boots
Levi’s jeans
Self-made necklace

Julia, 32, Actress (Outside Lala Berlin)

COS cardigan
Vintage blouse, tights, hat, watch, and bag
Just In Case skirt
Sinela shoes
Gucci belt


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  1. Rene Schaller on


    julias look ist grossartig!

  2. Feli on


    I like Paul’s look. Very androgynous.

  3. sinothedivine on


    i love this vintage jacket and love this militery look…the girl also is very stylish

  4. Kenny Surtani on


    little bit wichy :) But i like all of them for some reason :)

  5. -h of candid cool on


    1. Perfect2. I especially like the colors, the greys, blacks, and the luggage color. The hat is especially nice.

  6. Claudette on


    those shoes are divine!P.S. these photos make me wanna move to Berlin:)

  7. Francesca on


    I love Paul’s style! He realy knows how to dress.

  8. Imran Ali on


    Paul (im image 1) is really great. Especially the coat is looking very graceful. Shoes are not the femenine but looking perfect(dont know why :-) ). teeth whitening

  9. ali on


    Wow. How great are u Paul. I love the style and dressing. Some people have the sense of dressing and know how to look great with the right selection of cloth for sale new york

  10. HTC Desire Case on


    I love the hairstyle and the clothes are amazing the cut is really fine

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