Iekeliene Stange: I like Ponies

Iekeliene Stange opened her exhibition “I like Ponies” and Berlin Fashion Week yesterday night at projektGALERIE. More pictures on Dazed Digital.


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  1. Rebecca on


    Wow these pictures are very creative. I love the color scheme and how it was all put together.

  2. DARIO on


    she reminded me of blossom :)

  3. Mavis on


    She’s got a great outfit on!

  4. Imran Ali on


    I love the second picture. The style is perfect. The face is like the angels and the hairs are looking great. The big necklace on her chest in looking charming. But dont like the shoes and trouser style. It looks like of a clown :-)imranbest teeth whitening

  5. Jack on


    really nice color scheme and much creative.

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