At Görlitzer Park

Mavis, 23, Student

Zara jacket
H&M skirt, top, tights, and glasses,
Görtz 17 shoes

Louisa, 21, Student

Vintage top, skirt, shoes, belt, headband, necklace and glasses,
H&M tights


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  1. Nick Leonard on


    Love the first outfit, esp. the sunglasses. Pretty locations as well.

  2. doris on


    i love the first one-h&m is still making a good job

  3. Phuongalong on


    Görliter Park! I’m guessing Berlin ist im Frühlingsfieber. I love that their styles complement the wall art. If you get a chance please check out the LA Fashion Blog I just started at: http://www.aussenhaut.blogspot.comThanks!

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