Stil in London: Leonardo

Leonardo, 21, Student from Florence

Levi’s shirt,
Zara t-shirt,
Cheap Monday jeans,
All Saints boots


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  1. Journal D'un Shopper on


    I love the shirt and the boots.I have this t-shirt, but in red.The look is very nice =)

  2. Fashionaphylactic. on


    I love his whole look, I wish more guys were like him and wouldn’t dress so safe, or just in Topman.Kate ♥

  3. amalie on


    awesomely cool .

  4. Cuentitos on


    For some reason this look is not so impressive. It’s burnt out. I’ve seen so many copies of this walking around in Oranienstr…..but I like the hair, the rest just reminds me of Tom Cruise in the 80’s. Thanks for the London coverage Dario and please show us more London Steez!

  5. Anonymous on


    Hair and face is awesome. Should get signed.

  6. Anonymous on


    wow great 80s look

  7. Anonymous on


    Really nice guy…cool style!!

  8. wegra on


    Not mad about the hair, but great look. Love the low-necked teeshirt.

  9. colette on


    Hey, diese foto wurde in Brick Lane gemacht!!Brick lane ist mein lieblings ort in der ganzen welt……

  10. Anonymous on


    the look is very modern and commercial… it’s awsome! thanks dario!

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