In an Absolut World: Ideas Grow on Trees

“In an Absolut world, ideas grow on trees” is my contributed picture for the show in Munich, running until June 25th at the Temporary Gallery, Baaderstrasse 7, between 6pm and 11pm. Also showing are bryanboy, cobrasnake facehunter, f&art, glamcanyon, hel-looks, lesmads playlust, show me your wardrobe and styleclicker. All pieces will be auctioned at the finnisage on June 25th from 8 pm.


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  1. DARIO on


    max u babe

  2. Kaahl on


    hahah, nice flowers. dresses seem more appropriate for summer though. Dress Launderette

  3. spin on


    i like those two little tomatoes between the nice flowers.

  4. Anonymous on


    …this must be max from picknick…ain’t dat right?

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