Stil In Milano: Hillie

Hillie, 16, Student

Vintage shirt, skirt, shoes, scarf, belt, and headpiece


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  1. Nana on


    she’s 16?she lokks like 22… would be a great pin-up

  2. Tatel on


    wow really good picture!

  3. Anonymous on


    She’s pretty. But too matchy for you, even though I love red. She DOES look much older than she is though.

  4. Anonymous on


    ok I look like 20.. but I’m 16een (1992),Is this a Crime? I don’t think so..

  5. Anonymous on


    not a crime at all.. just means I’ll have to wait 2 years before asking you in marriage.. or else gonna go ask your parents.

  6. Anonymous on


    incredible good style, outstanding.if i would see her passing by i would ran into something…

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