Common People Looks: Emre


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  1. on


    Ich auch :3

    Das ist der Selbe wie der auf dem Foto mit dem Fächer und der obergeilen Käfer-im-Cube-Kette, nicht? Klasse <3

  2. TheFashionAve on


    moschino belt? looks great.
    the pink blazer is also amazing.
    i love it totally.

  3. truk on


    i love this style, this face, ALL! perfect!

  4. asger on


    remembers me of prince…

  5. Anonymous on


    i know this guy and did see him several times. he is wearing everytime when im see him such amazing clothes!!

  6. Mumei on


    oh snap! it’s morris day! man “get it up” was the jam back in the day.

    i’m not even joking. this guy could be his son or little brother. i think it’s the mustache.

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