Copenhagen Fashion Week: Cover Magazine Party at PARISTEXAS

Caroline, 20, Student

Vintage blazer,
Acne shirt,
Zara leggings,
Prada shoes

Sara, 21, Student

Vintage blazer, blouse, and skirt

Mads, 22, Stylist

Jovovich Hawk cardigan,
Filippa K t-shirt,
Cheap Monday jeans

Mattias, 22, Model

H&M shirt,
Vintage shorts,
Topman glasses,
Self-made necklace


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  1. Henrik on


    Mattias is gorgeous! I love his style… the mix of very classy and “punk”.I’ll have to move to Berlin. Seems like you have a lot of beautiful boys over there. :)

  2. Blink London on


    Some really cool looks, particularly Mattias. I love Copenhagen and hope to be there again in September. I’ll have my camera ready!

  3. Matteo M on


    OMG Caroline, so cute and stylish!

  4. Lynn and Horst on


    can i please marry girl no1 and boy no4 both and live a 3way happy ever after life

  5. Anonymous on


    her legs really look like snakes…

  6. chrosi on


    Mattias looks exactly like Bono in his younger years :D

  7. modedorf on


    ha. maybe i can join caroline, matthias and horst ;)

  8. on


    hey, die jungs sehen ja wirklich kalsse aus <3ne frage: waren das jetzt alle common people fotos? wenn ich mich nicht irre, waren es doch einige mehr, die auf dem laufsteg gelaufen sind…lgfé

  9. toto on


    i love mattias hair….

  10. Anonymous on


    nr3 is really nice 1 and 4 ok

  11. Anonymous on


    Horrors of god. I grew up in Paris, Texas. The real Paris, Texas. It’s scary that some business in the wonderful country of Denmark would name itself after that redneck toilet.

  12. lauragray on


    Wow! Your Blogs are very caters to my fashions. Love this one.Actually, I’m a fashion stylist looking for more styling strategy.

  13. Anonymous on


    the blogs great but what is this world coming to? i mean really a lot of these outfits in my opinion are not even close to being fashionable!

  14. on


    Photo number 3 is kind of magic… Combination of personality and style that is undeniable.

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