Copenhagen Fashion Week: Outside Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Frederik, 16, Student

Alexander Moura sweater,
Acne tank,
Topshop jeans,
Doc Martens boots

Marlo, 26 PR for Jean Phillip

Lanvin jacket,
Jean Phillip shirt,
Dior shorts,
Premiata shoes

And inside the Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair show, a familiar look:


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    i just discovered still in berlin. fantastic. great shot of the gentleman shrouded in bouquets, it’s very airy and enchanting.

  2. Kale on


    I remember coming across this site awhile ago but i forgot to become a follower I’m doing so at this moment! I love still in Berlin also the crazy cornucopia jackets by fifth avenue shoe repair

  3. Caroline on


    While the second photo is certainly stunning, there’s something about that incredibly high neckline that makes the model look stifled and unapproachable. But perhaps that was the initial goal.Excellent looks otherwise!

  4. Anonymous on


    fifth avenue shoe repair is swedish, not danish? (and ive slept with one of the FASR models hehehe ;)

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