London Fashion Week: Morgan

This is the last of the London Fashion Week shots, but expect some from Toronto in the next weeks.


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  1. Intrinsically Florrie on


    Well she just looks incredibly cool.I’m not normally a Primark person, but I’m really quite liking the jacket. I love her pendants and shoes. Oh and her hair colour too, it’s gorgeous.Florrie x

  2. Jobs @ on


    Gorgeous! I like the outfit. I love the jacket. It is cool with the flag dress. The shoes add more glamor on it.

  3. Caroline on


    How wonderfully patriotic! I hate how the American flag doesn’t really allow for such cute patriotism ;)

  4. dot on


    Fabulous shot. Well, they’re all superb. You’ve got a great eye.

  5. avara maiju on


    oh, she’s from Paris so she can actually pull that outfit off in London! :) It’s like I used to study in Berlin and bought loads of crap that’ll look all ‘berlin’ back home in Finland, but now that I moved to B-city again, I can’t bring that stuff with me.

  6. Hot Cover Girls Central on


    Beautiful shot, these are really great, i love them all.-cathy young

  7. Fahrender on


    Morgan is really something. That dress looks like shit and she still looks good!

  8. Werepup on


    NEED that dress.

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