Stil in Toronto: Jen

The Gap jacket,
American Apparel shorts and socks,
Vintage shoes and sock suspenders


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  1. Justyna on


    SO HOT!

  2. Karl Heinz on


    Exchange: Hat + Attitude. Rest = Great.

  3. Lynn and Horst on


    how do the sock suspenders stay up but the socks itself not, by the way?

  4. Anonymous on



  5. eva.ricarda on


    großartiges foto – und einen wundervollen stil hat sie, die jen. ich liebe die shorts-jacket-kombi.

  6. Suzanne on


    she looks just like my roommate… Still I love the girl on the pic more than I love my roommate!! (I fall in love everyday and this is my new lover:: new lingerie collection, loveable!!ps this girl is so a la mode! its just ridiculous she looks like my roommate

  7. Patricia on


    I love these sock suspenders.

  8. Krise on


    Dear Lynn and Horst: the sock suspenders are located under the knee, above the widest spot of the calf. That spot they can’t pass even without being strapped on tight. Over the calf socks work that way as well. Shorter socks fall down because nothing stops them. My favorite brand of sock suspenders and the ones Jen is wearing: Albert Thurston.

  9. Shona on


    mir gefällt die kombination mit de Strümpfen auch sehr!

  10. Conny on


    die socksuspenders sind super! hab ich noch nie gesehen auf der straße

  11. Caroline on


    *gasp*! One of the best I’ve seen in a loong while. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jill on


    love the sock suspenders, & she’s got a great colour sense. very sophisticated. to turn her hair platinum with her colouring, yet keep it straight and so un marilyn monroe.. and the mustard of her socks. great style, great shot. hope you’re well wherever you are in the world, dario! jCx

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