The first thing that catches my eye when photographing on the streets is a person’s hair. A great haircut is almost always accompanied by a great sense of style, and anyone that’s been to Berlin can notice almost immediately that there are some truly unique (for better or for worse) hairstyles on the streets. And so, while we’re forced to cover up in bulky winter coats during these winter months, I’ve decided to start a new side-feature on Stil in Berlin, which I’m calling ‘Cut!’ So here’s the first.


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  1. Thomas on


    not only the hair is beautiful, I find his face fascinating.

  2. xxh on


    lovely. xh

  3. Anonymous on


    He/she is very striking.

  4. cathze on


    nicht nur die haare… das gesicht, die ausstrahlung. super.

  5. birds not bitches on


    einfach nur Wow die Haare sind der Hammer, ich bin hin und weg und raufe mir die Haare weil das mit meinen Schnittlauchlocken auf dem Kopf wohl nie was werden wird!!!

  6. Eva Bering on


    Love the hair!!!

  7. liz on


    beautiful hair – i´d like mine like that…

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