Kottbusser Damm: Gaiache


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  1. Luiz on


    she looks beautiful, but I don’t support the fur.

  2. Sabine on


    Beautiful girl; not so sure about the foxy hat though.

  3. Dani on


    love the hat :)i’ve always wanted to wear one on days other than halloween, but I’m too scared.

  4. gemma on


    that hat makes the outfit!!nice pictures!!!xx

  5. therese on


    just why is it that this page supports people wearing dead animals? anybody stop to realize that while she mereley attemps to be pretty, a fox had to die? for style? i mean, people, come on! what is this?! that/s not cute, that’s cruel. It makes me so sad. We were a little further with this topic in the eighties, when fur-wearing people were frowned upon. this move away from having in mind how disgusting fur fashian is is not cool!

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