Mauerpark Flea Market: Chan

Sacai cardigan,
Our Legacy shirt,
Bedwin trousers,
Soph. x Danner shoes


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  1. VaivaPamaiva on


    Great blog, you have a new follower ;)

  2. De on


    Now that’s a cardigan you don’t see every day. I like the boots too, the zippers on the side are a nice touch. Hope you guys are enjoying today’s festivities. Ciao……

  3. on


    always good pictures here!the cardigan is just fantastic!!keep it up guys! ;)

  4. Jen on


    Aaah. Perfection.

  5. Coco on


    I’ve never seen a bloke in knee-high socks before but I love the look.

  6. Choubelle on


    The ground on the area where he is sitting really makes for a cool photo composition.With the knee socks It looks like he just hiked a mountain of cobblestones. nice! xx• Choubelle •

  7. Anonymous on


    he’s got good steeze. seems chill.nice one!!

  8. Anonymous on


    hola, tu estilo es muy bueno hasta llegar al pantalosn, esta mal escogido tu estilo debes tener un mejor diseño de pantalon que vaya con tu camisa estas desastroso con ese atuendo.

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