At the Turkish Market: Tim

Vintage Burberry jacket,
Monki Cardigan,
American Apparel shirt,
Cos trousers and shoes


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  1. Steve on


    Why don’t you rename your blog in stil at the turkish market?

  2. Anonymous on


    all in blue…I love how his clouthes match! My fav is the Burberry coat…especially him being so skinny it looks just great!!!!

  3. Anonymous on



  4. Hotels Berlin on


    hey there I am just testing hotels in berlin for my company and found this blog. I realy like this coat – has anyone an idea where to buy it? I am just for 10 days in Berlin… Best, Daniel.

  5. TheFashionAve on


    wow inspires me kinda… :)

  6. Anonymous on


    This boy looks great! My fav is his dark hair! He looks a little bit like someone who is legally blonde!

  7. new yorker on


    I love Berlin and all these fancy people!Where can I buy these monki clothes in Berlin! I appreciate the Scandinavian style!

  8. Michael on


    He seems totally cute. I like his wundervollen Gesichtsausdruck — wonderful facial expression. :)

  9. GreenTease on


    love the background. upstages the stylish dude

  10. Percevalties on


    I like very much his style. It is really fun!

  11. the proclaimer on


    thinking of fashoin I gues this blog must be not the right place to state a comment…but thinking of style or how the Germans put it stil it is quite an experience to see these people here. I must say this guy is an eyecatcher…its not only the “stil” it his whole expression, his whole appearnence that make u stop and think of real expression…! It just is a beautiful picture of a pretty guy in a fantastic invironment

  12. Anonymous on


    it is cool :)i want to know each cloth’s size,please write it if you like :-)

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