Hermannplatz: Daniel


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  1. Vinda Sonata on


    i agree with maison. this look is not vintage, that’s uptown. (perhaps you mean all of his clothes are of vintage finds? :) )he looks just okay to me. frankly, the top should be a lil bit more oversized. wearing tight skinny pants with regular top reminds me of gaga’s pantless culture. the shoes? i do prefer boots over those loafers. ;)♥vindavindasonata.blogspot.com

  2. J. on


    Egal ob Vintage oder nicht: der beste Look seit Monaten!

  3. GreenTease on


    I agree not Vintage. Sort of classic look,perhaps. I also agree the shoes do not go well with the pants… Boots definite!

  4. Brit on


    Ooh love his style! The trench coat looks good on him!

  5. dmk on


    very cute!!!my blog dominique-ernest.blogspot.com

  6. SummerTeeth on


    well whatever the look, he’s gorgeous..!

  7. Anonymous on


    I agree with SummerTeeth: he’s drop-dead-gorgeous. And the trench looks fabulous on him ^^

  8. Caroline on


    Wow…what an incredibly handsome man. Whew.

  9. Eileen on


    Love this look, he’s absolutely gorgeous! :)

  10. Hanna Skoog on


    Smashing, he’s got it all right! :)

  11. natmsaunders on


    I love the coat and the shoes don’t bother me at all. I like that he went for something different than a boot. It looks good on him.

  12. Kyle Jack on


    i think what they are trying to say that the clothes were all found through op/thrift stores rather than having a “vintage” look

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