Mulackstraße: Mari

Vintage glasses,
Reality Studio coat,
Twist&Tango scarf,
WoodWood bag,
Vibskov tights,
Atelier Zapato shoes


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  1. catherine on


    Aw, she looks like an overgrown school girl.. But in a lovely way.

  2. Vinda Sonata on


    eh, she’s 27? she does look younger than her actual age! the style is really colorful–reminds me of susie bubble somehow–although that’s not really my type, i’m still diggin’ her boots! and her bag–the color is so Prada! ;)♥

  3. Thea on


    Soo eine Schöne. Richtig süß sieht sie aus. UND: Tolle Boots und schöner Mantel. Nicht schleecht

  4. dolceedamara on


    I think I like here her glasses and hairstyle. The rest is too retro for me.

  5. Tonia on


    I really like her style! And I love, love, love her shoes.

  6. Toni Scalieri on


    oh yes, give us the grandmother-style!

  7. MultiKulti on


    Love her look!!!

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