Münzstraße: Mirko


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  1. Vinda Sonata on


    oh, that’s a no. sorry, for the first time in this site i don’t like the posted look. he looks like a mess instead of a stylish persona. the heavy jacket, the oversized gloves, combined with a non-fitted pants and those sneakers just don’t look proportionally well together. plus, it seems like he had just rolled out of bed.Vindavindavindasonata.blogspot.com

  2. Thomas on


    thumbs up!

  3. Anonymous on


    das passt ja wohl mal prima zur witterung!(mütze in der tüte)

  4. Tatiana Landim on


    liked the jacket color with that scenery.

  5. Anonymous on


    yes, somehow crazy and surprising hairdo. nice irritation in this blog. hair, gloves, jacket, generally.. perhaps a new trend towards bizarre normality? like these horn-rimmed glasses one year ago. i like it and am curious for moresteph.

  6. Forest City Fashionista on


    I have to agree with the previous comments–I don’t see anything unusual or stylish in this photo.

  7. Oana on


    I actually enjoy seeing winter outfits in other colour than black…It’s a totally laid-back look. Thumbs up!

  8. Samanth on


    so sweet, like a baby animal, and the glasses are very smarty, thumbs up for sure

  9. Anonymous on


    I actually LOVE this.

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