At Night: Benjamin

Benjamin wears a jacket made by David, it is decorated with 666 pheasant feathers.


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  1. Cecylia on


    Rise on the wings of an eagle…or just stick on your shoulders

  2. Anonymous on


    Brandon Flowers used to wear pheasant feathers on his shoulders during the last tour of “The Killers”, and also in the video clip for “Human”.

  3. orsola on


    the feathers’s detail is so cute and still masculine

  4. Tara on


    Ugh. Cool concept, but no one should ever wear a dead bird’s feathers. Same as fur and leather. How sad.

  5. Kaku on


    i quite like the feather thing… but WHAT THE HELL did he do with his hair?????

  6. Sabine on



  7. Hugo Hase on


    It’s definitely not original – like the other person said, the frontman of the Killers wore jackets like that early last year. Of course it still looks pretty cool!And it’s not at all sad to wear feathers, fur, leather or whatever comes from an animal. Every person who critises that who’s not a vegan is just a shammer…

  8. fashion stylist on


    Wow! the photos are awesome! Great Idea for that style! i really like it. Thank you for sharing this great blog.

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