At Night: David Roth

David, 25, blogs at Dandy Diary< and is the first person I wanted to take a picture of during Berlin Fashion Week. This might be due to the fact, that I spend my time on trade shows to get to know new ad clients for our next magazine, instead of hanging with the fash-pack, wherever they hang in Berlin.
David’s sheer endless creativity when it comes to dressing and finding gems of international couture (in this picture he wears several necklaces from different African countries) finally found an output on his personal blog, which I discovered some months ago and became a big fan. He not only documents his outfits, but also publishes long texts including interviews and reviews – so I certainly suggest to subscribe to his feed.


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  1. Blackcowboy on


    Damned that is a very cool look! really great

  2. spoozyliciouzz on


    This is what a man should look for when trying to develop style: it´s all about individuality, isn´t it?Great colour combination, great hair, great face.Only thing i don´like is the earring. I subscribe to his blog

  3. Vinda Sonata on


    he’s so artsy. i’m such a fan of artistic guys. seems like he’s the type who’s not afraid of combining crazy staples. thank you for introducing him!

  4. Anonymous on


    give me that scarf!

  5. Style Gourmand on


    amazing how he has combined so many different things so perfectly

  6. Cecylia on


    Woah! Tribal to the max!!

  7. Anastasia on


    The colours of the scarf underneath the necklaces make me think van Bierendonck…xxDuck

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